Robert Dafford is one of the foremost mural artists in the United States today, with over twenty years of experience and over 200 public works in the U.S., North America, and internationally. The Louisiana native is constantly sought out for his dramatic, large scale illusions that both enhance and develop the space he chooses, creating photographic realism in a variety of styles. His projects have been integral in downtown development, neighborhood revitalization, and historical preservation. His work has been commissioned by governments, corporations, houses of worship, theaters, and private individuals.

Robert has also created a variety of sets, backdrops, and costumes for dance companies, parade floats, and museum exhibits. He enjoys working with interior designers, architects, historians, choreographers, and directors to create specialized painted effects for their projects, and does pro bono work often for school productions and plays.

His outdoor work includes projects that span years, including two major mural projects for towns who want to capture, visually, the history of their area and the vibrancy of their citizens and city. Thank you for stopping by the site, and please take time to look at all his works; and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or suggestions for the location or topic of his next project.