Some of my recent works include a commission for the Louisiana State University Alumni Center; a stereographic mural for the Children’s Museum of Anaheim; an 84 ft. tall mural covering the side of a building in downtown Ames, Iowa; and an exhibit sponsored by the New Orleans Mardi Gras Team.

When people ask me why I first began creating murals, the answer is not necessarily what one might expect. While I have always been an artist, and have loved painting and sketching my entire life; I was also a surveyor for ten years, working with cities to draw and mark out the lines for their sidewalks, streets, buildings, and more.

My job required me to travel around the U.S., and visit many different towns and cities, and get to know those places; the buildings, the design of the town itself; the people. And what I noticed as I went was that each place had its own history, and each place was beautiful in its own way. That the design and layout of an entire city or town could be tracked and it spoke a lot about that people, their history, and their lives.

That’s when I decided to start combining my artistic talents with my eye for cityscapes and town layouts. And over 20 years later, I have never regretted a moment.